The Lighting Center 1971-2000.  It became our first LifeStyles
in 2001as shown in the photo below.


LifeStyles' first store opened in February 2001.


Semones Lighting was acquired in 2001 and became a 
LifeStyles in 2005 as shown below.


LifeStyles in Tulsa opened November 2005.


Fans-Lights, Etc. acquired in 2005 has moved 
and becomes our new flagship store.  See the image below.


LifeStyles in Plano, TX opened June, 2008.  
At 50,000 square feet, this location is our largest to date.


The first Lighting IQ opened in Springdale, Arkansas
in January, 2015.



With three locations representing a combined 65,000 square feet, and 62 employees,  LifeStyles has grown to be one of the southwest's largest lighting distributors and a respected destination for furniture and decorative hardware.

Founded in 1971, LifeStyles began in Oklahoma City as lighting showroom called The Lighting Center. During our first 30 years, The Lighting Center served metro home builders and their customers by providing quality lighting fixtures and ceiling fans for their new homes.

During the 1990's The Lighting Center began to expand its product selections to include more table and floor lamps, lamp shades and home decor products.  As these product lines became more successful, so did the retail side of The Lighting Center's business.  With both retail and builder business growing, the need for a larger location became clear.

In 1999 the decision was made to build a new 30,000 square foot building in Edmond (Oklahoma City), Oklahoma and expand the store's merchandising mix to include furniture and even more home decor products. The new store and concept was named LifeStyles and quickly became a success.

Recent Events:

  • Spring 2001  LifeStyles, then known as The Lighting Center, acquires Semones Lighting in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The acquisition of Semones Lighting helps to make LifeStyles the largest volume lighting distributor in Oklahoma.

  • Winter 2001  The Lighting Center is closed and LifeStyles opens in Edmond (Oklahoma City) Oklahoma.

  • Summer 2002  LifeStyles opens a leased lighting department within a major furniture store. The lighting department located within The International in Tulsa was successful for three years until the host store closed.

  • Winter 2003  LifeStyles grows to include over 50 employees.

  • Summer 2004  LifeStyles announces the future opening of LifeStyles in Tulsa, Oklahoma. A new 28,000 square foot building being constructed on Mingo Road just south of 71st Street.

  • Fall 2004  The introduction of hardware to the current merchandising mix, including knobs, drawer pulls, closet hardware, hinges, door stops and all accessories needed for home builders.

  • Summer 2005  LifeStyles acquires Fans-Lights, Etc. of Plano (Dallas) Texas. The acquisition of Fans-Lights, Etc. adds 16 new employees to LifeStyles Stores, Inc. and is the first step toward our expansion into the Dallas market. LifeStyles now employs over 85 people.

  • Fall 2005  Semones Lighting in Tulsa, Oklahoma moves to a new location and becomes LifeStyles. The company now employs over 100 people.

  • Summer 2008  The company closes Fans-Lights, Etc. in Plano, TX and opens its 50,000 flagship LifeStyles store.  The company now employs over 125 people.  In July, 2008 "LifeStyles" became a registered trademark of LifeStyles Stores, Inc.

  • Winter 2011  LifeStyles celebrates its 40th Anniversary.

  • Spring  2013  After 5 years in the Dallas market and surviving the "Great Recession" we decided to close the Plano location.  Officially, the store closed on April 15, 2013.

  • Winter 2014  LifeStyles opens its first Lighting IQ in Springdale, Arkansas.  Lighting IQ becomes a registered trademark of LifeStyles Stores, Inc. Find out more about Lighting IQ at:

  • Summer 2017  LifeStyles opened window treatment galleries in both the Edmond and Tulsa stores.  Our window treatment galleries have a larger selection on display than most stores that specialize in window coverings.



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