About LifeStyles

LifeStyles in Edmond

Family Owned and Operated since 1971

Founded in 1971, LifeStyles began in Oklahoma City as a lighting showroom called The Lighting Center. During our first 30 years, The Lighting Center served metro home builders and their customers by providing quality lighting fixtures and ceiling fans for their new homes.


In 1999 the decision was made to build a new 30,000 square foot building in Edmond (Oklahoma City), Oklahoma and expand the store's merchandising mix to include furniture and even more home decor products. The new store and concept was named LifeStyles and quickly became a success.  LifeStyles took two years to build an officially opened in February, 2001.


LifeStyles, acquires Semones Lighting in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The acquisition of Semones Lighting helps to make LifeStyles the largest volume lighting distributor in Oklahoma.  Now with locations in Oklahoma City and Tulsa, LifeStyles is able to develop customer relations statewide.


LifeStyles opens a leased lighting department within The International, a major furniture store in the Tulsa market.  For 3 years the concept was a success until the host store closed.


The company introduced hardware as a new merchandising category, including knobs, drawer pulls, closet hardware, hinges, door stops and all accessories needed for home builders.


LifeStyles acquires Fans-Lights, Etc. of Plano (Dallas) Texas. The acquisition of Fans-Lights, Etc. adds 16 new employees to LifeStyles Stores, Inc. and is the first step toward our expansion into the Dallas market. LifeStyles now employs over 85 people.

LifeStyles in Tulsa


LifeStyles opens in Tulsa.  The Semones Lighting location was closed simultaneously.  The company now employs over 100 people.


LifeStyles open in Plano (Dallas) Texas.  At 60,000 square feet this becomes our largest location.  The company now employs over 125 people.


After surviving the "Great Recession" we decided to not renew our lease in Plano and closed the location.  Our two Oklahoma stores remained open.


The company tested a new lighting store concept called Lighting IQ and opened a store in Northwest Arkansas.  For more information about Lighting IQ click here.


LifeStyles opens their window covering galleries in both stores.  These galleries are larger and more comprehensive that most stores that specialize in window covering.

Looking Forward

As new and exciting things happen at LifeStyles, we will keep you up to date.

Fans-Lights, Etc. Plano, TX


This is the original Fans-Lights, Etc. store that LifeStyles purchased in 2005.

LifeStyles - Plano, TX


In 2008, we closed the Fans-Lights store and opened LifeStyles in Plano.

Lighting IQ


In 2014 we opened Lighting IQ in Springdale, AR.  An experimental concept in retail lighting.

Semones Lighting - Tulsa


This is the original Semones Lighting building in Tulsa. LifeStyles acquired it in 2001.

The original Lighting Center


It all started here in 1971.  This is the original Lighting Center in Edmond, OK.

Original LifeStyles Staff


These are the people that opened the first LifeStyles in 2001. Some are gone now, but many remain.